Network cabling

Data and voice structured network cabling infrastructure.

When it comes to IT infrastructure, structural network cabling aspects are often greatly undervalued -this should never be the case!

…This should never be the case as your structural network cabling forms the backbone for all daily data and communication tasks. Most businesses cannot afford to have communication downtime. For this reason it is essential that your IT infrastructure and cabling systems are installed and maintained professionally and accurately.


What is difference between Cat5e and Cat6?

Cat5e has been the most common cable used over the past few years. It supports a link speed of 1Gbps over 100m. However, Cat6 is a newer and higher performing cable that is becoming increasingly used. Cat6 supports a link speed of 10Gbps over 55m and 1Gbps over 100m. Cat6 operates at 200MHz compared to the 100MHz of Cat5e – therefore it has an improved resistance to cross talk and a higher signal-to-noise ratio. This improves reliability for high bandwidth applications and for sensitive data.


What is the maximum distance for a network cable?

From Cat5e – Cat8 the maximum specified cable distance is 100m. This figure assumes horizontal link of 90m and 10m for patch lead and fly lead. This 100m maximum distance is defined as the horizontal channel. For distances greater than this, a fibre optic cable is required.


Can a standard network cable be installed outdoors?

A standard network cable, Cat5 or Cat6 is not designed to be exposed to the elements. If a cable needs to be installed outdoors then there are two options: 1) Build infrastructure to enclose the cable -such as conduit or trunking. 2) Use an outdoor rated cable. This is a standard cable that been coated in a tough polyethylene (PE) which is waterproof and UV resistant.


Can my network cabling run in the same trunking as my electrical cabling?

No, your data and power need to be kept separate. The electrical wiring will interfere with the network cabling and you will have intermittent packet loss and slow link speeds. Although you can get shielded network cable which helps prevent electrical interference, it is still does not comply with regulation to install data along with power.


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